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This "Parallel Quran" translation presents 8 versions of each verse of the Quran. That is, each verse is detailed in 8 translations, then the next verse is detailed in 8 translations, et cetera. As one who does not know Arabic, I have, over time, collected 47 English translations to weave an understanding. Through parallelization, some speed up is possible over turning pages. Hence, a motivation for this work. This latest release include one addition, Muhammad Sarwar.

Additional authors (Thomas Irving, Bijan Moeinian, Hamid S Aziz, et alii) may be included at some point. Though I hold soft copies of translations by both Rodwell and Palmer, I have decided for the time being to not include them in this Parallel Qur'an, as the degree and depth of review during their translation is unclear.

Should you wish to contribute (correction and or additions) to this parallel English Qur'an, please email me at

Some verses remain opaque, in part, even after a look at these 8 translations. By understand the history or circumstances about which the verse was delivered, those verses may become clearer. Many translations have brief footnotes to teach this history. For example, the translations by Ali Ozek, Maulana Muhammad Ali, and Abdull Yusuf Ali each have brief footnotes.

8 Translations in this Parallel English Quran.
Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali, 1893-1987
and Muhammad Muhsin Khan, 1926-?
1977. Clearly this translation is well spoken of by orthodox.
Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1876-1951 1917. Satisfyingly literal. Cogent. Clean.
Marmaduke William Muhammad Pickthall, 1875-1936 1930. Biblical English, shall ye wisheth.
Rashad Khalifa, 1935-1990 1985. Certainly there are colorful remarks about this modern translator.
Muhammad Sarwar 1981. Loose and innovative style. Attractively readable.
Mahomedali Habib, 1904-1959 (MH Shakir, pen name) 1959. Seems to be based on Muhammad Ali's 1917 translation.
Moulvi Sher Ali ?-1947 1955. Clear, direct and simple style.
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, 1872-1953 1934. Surely a well known translation, commentary and history.

And, here it is... 
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